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Questions about invoices and payment

For safe and efficient handling, we use electronic invoices. Scanned paper invoices and PDF invoices are not considered e-invoices. Inera works with InExchange as an e-invoice operator, but to send and receive e-invoices, your organization can use the provider that suits you best.

Questions about invoices

Do you have questions regarding invoices to or from Inera, do you want to change your invoice details, or do you have other issues related to invoices? Then you are welcome to contact us at faktura@inera.se.

Those of you who can send e-invoice

Inera AB primarily uses the standard Peppol, but also receives e-invoices in EDI standard.

Billing adress

Inera AB
IE 2039
SE 737 84  Fagersta

Organizational information Inera

Bank: Swedbank
Bankgiro: 5522-0149
Clearing: 8901-1
Account: 994 574 969-6
IBAN: SE91 8000 0890 1199 4574 9696
GLN: 7365565594238
PEPPOL-ID 0007:5565594230

Those of you who do not use e-invoice today

Many business systems today have the possibility to send electronic invoices. If you do not have this feature, you can send up to 100 invoices free of charge via InexchangeWeb. You can of course use any other operator in the market for similar service.



Invoices sent to us should always contain reference. The reference consists of four digits and starts with 8XXX. The reference field may contain only the four-digit reference number, no spaces, etc.
If there are fields for both reference code and reference in your financial system, the same reference number should be written in both fields.


Recerence code  8XXX
Your reference  8XXX

Information about, for example, the reference person and subactivity is entered in the invoice text, so as not to confuse this with the reference code.

Invoices from non-profit organizations and other suppliers without F-tax

We only accept invoices from suppliers who hold F-tax. If you do not have F-tax, please attach the A-tax certificate to the invoice.

Read more on the Swedish Tax Agency's website

Billing and payment terms

An invoice addressed to Inera AB should always contain:

  • Type of invoice (debit or credit)
  • Invoice and due date
  • Unique invoice number
  • Reference (the 4-digit code, which you request from Inera AB's client)
    The system only allows one assignment number per invoice.
  • The name of Inera AB's client.
    The invoice must be specified so that it is clearly stated:
  • Which contract or blanket release is referred to and specify the subject of the contract (any specification in annex)
  • Any worked-up man-hours and in what role and allotment
  • The period of time referred to
  • When the item/service was delivered
  • Your organization/vendor's name and address
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